3 Tips How to Decorate Your Bedroom Shelves

The splendor of your bedroom can give you a peaceful retreat after a long day of work. There are several ways you can give your bedroom a homey feeling, but one that stands out is decorating the shelves. The good thing is, you’re not limited to fixed styles and what to place on your shelves. What matters most is the feeling you need once you set foot into your bedroom. So, how do you decorate your bedroom shelves the best way possible?

1. Choose the right décor for your shelves 

Do you have a unique shape for your shelves? What’s your best color to match other items in your bedroom? Is the size of your shelves going to fit all the things? You’re trying to answer one question here; how do you decorate your bedroom shelves.

The idea here is, get your creative juices flowing. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that excess can be intimidating. Do not overindulge when it comes to the shape and color you want for your shelves. Pick a unique form that flows seamlessly from one end to the other.

2. Decide on what to display on your shelves

Trust me, clustering every other item you come across on your shelves leaves your bedroom a total mess. Let’s assume you want to store items that’ll give your bedroom a romantic and peaceful ambiance. You may decide to pick romantic books, photo albums that consist of lovely photos with your spouse, artificial flowers, and many more in such a situation.

You can also pick bedroom plants of your choice to give your bedroom a healthier and homey feeling. Artwork and trophies can also give your bedroom a dazzling look. Always remember to choose the ones with colors that complement your shelves and other items in your bedroom. If you want to learn more about styling your bedroom shelves, you can read this Tylko’s article for more insights: https://journal.tylko.com/7-how-to-tips-to-help-style-your-bedroom-shelves/.

3. Displaying your items on the shelves

How you display items on the shelves can make or break your intended décor. Clustering all items without following an ideal order can make everything appear shoddy. Since this is not what you’re aiming for in your bedroom, you should take some time to think about how you’ll arrange your items.

Similar items should be arranged together. If your shelves are divided into sections, place similar items on their shelves and group them if they have different colors. You can also go the extra mile to group your items in various patterns if you have enough space.

When you’re done, allow your work to rest for a while and then come back to look at it with a critical eye. Fix what doesn’t seem right until you achieve the right visual.

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